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How will 5G accelerate Augmented and Virtual Reality’s professional practices?


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Immersive experiences - augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality - are developing strongly in professional uses to the point of sometimes becoming unavoidable. The needs in training, health, industry and real estate are already there. 5G will be an accelerator of this revolution in all sectors.

Through this webinar, we offer an overview of the new short- and medium-term uses of the XR. We also look at how, in the era of 5G, XR can be a catalyst for the transformation of your business, and how this technology can enable you to launch new services on the market, evolve your business processes and enrich your customer relationships.


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Stéphanie Cavaillès

Directrice Insights & Promotion de l’Innovation, Orange

Jérôme Jacqmin

Senior Director Product Marketing Europe - IoT at Qualcomm

Florian Couret

Head of Immersive Lab at BNP Paribas Real Estate

Stéphane Adamiak

Head of products at Manzalab

Mathieu Ducrot

Head of 5G & XR services at Orange

Morgan Bouchet

Innovation & Digital Content Director/ Head of XR at Orange

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