Article Exalt 3D

Real-time 3D Customization:

accelerating sales with Exalt3D in 5G

With co-designing tool Exalt 3D, you can now visualize and modify a product (whether a piece of jewelry or of clothing, an accessory, or even an apartment) directly from a computer screen, just as realistically as if it were in your own hands. In fact, thanks to its testing in 5G at Orange 5G Lab, this interactive and photo-realistic 3D solution could become a new sales asset for retailers, real estate agents and manufacturers.

Exalt3D has tried 5G !

Phygital retail and e-commerce
Online broadcasting of high definition 3D pictures that can be adapted upon request.
The company’s Problematics
Having an excellent connection and very little latency to be able to share photo-realistic images and modify them anywhere, in an instant.
5G Assets

  • Virtually non existent latency that allows to visualize and even visit an apartment, or the inside of a plane why not, as if you were there.

  • Optimal output, in order to download enough data to be able to see the product in 360 very quickly (roughly 1 millisecond to 3 seconds), to download the high resolution (2 to 4K) video presentation of a product within a few seconds, with no constraint of depending on a local network.

Software that allows to share 3D 360 pictures of products online and to modify in real time the shape, material and price of said products, all the while being connected to a virtual shopping cart (e-commerce) or to an online quote-drawing system.

Partner with Orange 5G Lab and anticipate new use cases

The broadcasting and configuring of photo-realistic pictures requires a great connection and very little latency. The test we led at Orange 5G Lab allowed us to evaluate response times and capacities with a 5G network, in order to enhance the quality of our pictures. This makes all the more sense when you take the perspective of an in-store solution, offering clients (in actual jewelry or leather stores for instance, but also in the industrial sector) the possibility to adjust products that are not in stock on location.

Two tests reveal the added value of 5G in the broadcasting of high resolution 3D pictures

Thanks to a 5G smartphone linked to Orange 5G Lab’s experimental 5G network, Exalt3D’s team was able to test the impact of this new network on its software:

  • Download time of a streamed output of 3D video footage
  • Interactivity with a distant server.

The outcome?

a success!

5G enabled a 3D file to download live from a shop in Marseille within only seconds. The start-up also observed that there is practically no latency when the file is in use, no delay between the movement of the mouse and the delivery of the picture. Better still, the 360 visualization and manipulation could start even as the whole file hadn’t uploaded yet!

Good bye catalog, hello customizable virtual reality!

To stores (physical and online) and companies that have product catalogs, Exalt3D will be offering a tool that can enhance conversion rates, boost sales and introduce collections of products thanks to :

  • high quality 3D photos of each product, that help clients picture the object
  • settings that allow clients to try in real time various colors, materials and other options depending on the product, with just one click.

Up until now, 4G was holding Exalt3D back in marketing its solution, especially as the user experience could be slow.

With 5G, Exalt3D will enjoy the freedom of mobility connection it needed! Such liberty even paves the way to new markets in the industrial sector. Indeed, this solution could be used for demonstrations of products that are rarely in stock (because they are cumbersome for example), all the while maintaining the rapidity and fluidity that match the high quality of realistic photos.


New technology, new use cases

The enhanced connectivity 5G offers is bringing about new ways to do things and we are sowing the seeds of opportunity. Our everyday lives are on the verge of change.