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Connected vehicles: what will 5G change?

Tuesday, March 21 at 2:30 pm

The development of intelligent mobility is a key issue of our time. The new generation of connected vehicles will offer many services such as infotainment, driver assistance and autonomous driving, while ensuring maximum reliability, security and privacy. 5G is seen as a key enabler of this development, enabling real-time communication between connected vehicles, transport infrastructure and users.

However, this development also poses significant challenges in terms of security, cooperation between players and managing technological complexity. It raises questions about our collective choices in terms of smart and connected cities. Technological developments are synonymous with access to new mobility services for people, but also for goods. A host of uses are to be redefined: private vehicles, public transport, logistics transport, freight, etc. It is therefore important to understand the opportunities and challenges of intelligent mobility with 5G to make the most of it.

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