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Where you can think, experiment and bring future use cases to life, thanks to a 5G network.

What Orange 5G
Lab is all about
If you ask us, the best way to design the future is to give it a go.
Orange 5G Lab will provide a relevant answer, wether your expectations focus on learning about, testing with or innovating thanks to 5G.
Our experts will stand by your side to help you realize your 5G projects.
Make way for exploration !

Set out to discover 5G

and its many uses!

Test and experiment

your products and services under 5G to explore their full potential

Orange 5G Lab


Orange 5G Lab and its partners are shaping the world of tomorrow. We are here to support our collaborators and to help them develop new pragmatic use cases with 5G networks.


what about you?

Our Orange 5G Lab in France
and abroad
Orange 5G Lab is deploying in France and also internationally with the opening of new centers in major European and French cities. These locations are meant to host companies within their regions, to the closest of their economic interests.
Orange 5G Lab
5G is a technological leap forward. It is a promise that many innovations will bloom and create value in all of society’s sectors. Learn how it could in turn help you transform your business models and solutions.