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If you ask us, the best way to design the future is to test it.

Orange 5G Lab will provide you with a relevant answer, whether your expectations concern learning, testing or innovation thanks to 5G.
With 19 Orange 5G Labs across France and internationally, Orange is here to help you explore all the benefits of 5G. Our experts will be at your side to help you realise your 5G projects, offering you free, tailor-made support.

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Orange 5G Lab and its partners are shaping the world of tomorrow. We are here to support our collaborators and to help them develop new pragmatic use cases with 5G networks.

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Thanks to the 5G generation of mobile Internet, we are entering a new era. One of faster, more competent, and more efficient connectivity. Complementing the existing mobile networks, this new form of connectivity will drive the next major steps in the digital transformation of our societies and businesses. The deployment of 5G will be an additional factor of attractiveness for territories. It will allow the reinvention of many sectors of activity.

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Orange 5G Lab is deploying in France and also internationally with the opening of new centers in major European and French cities.

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5G is a technological leap that promises the emergence of numerous innovations, creating value in all sectors….

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