AVIWEST and VOGO, two innovative companies in the field of sports events, tested their solution with Orange 5G Lab and took advantage of 5G to enrich their value proposition.

AVIWEST and VOGO, two innovative companies in the field of sports events, tested their solution

with Orange 5G Lab and took advantage of 5G to enrich their value proposition.

AVIWEST and VOGO are two innovative companies that have tested 5G with the Orange 5G Lab team, first in dedicated Orange 5G Lab locations to prepare for the experimentation and then in real-life situations. How did they do it? By adapting their solution to take advantage of all the possibilities 5G. And this, in the context of two new use cases aimed at improving certain organizational and broadcasting constraints specific to sporting events.

Use Case 1

Simplify and accelerate the sending of photos taken by professional photographers during sporting events

Last year, the Orange 5G Lab team realized that in order to capture the most representative photos during sports matches, professional photographers must be focused and positioned at different locations in a stadium. However, to send their captured photos in very high definition to media servers, these professionals are forced to move around the stadium to connect their camera to a network socket via an Ethernet cable. A constraint that makes them lose much time and thus the instantaneous side of sporting events! “We believe that allowing instant transmission of professional high-definition photos is of real interest to the sports industry, explains Fabien Le Clech, 5G Lab Marketing Product Manager and head of the Orange 5G Lab in Châtillon.

We, therefore, proposed this new use case to AVIWEST, which has already experimented with 5G alongside us for video contribution: real-time photo feedback. Identifying needs and accompanying start-ups to help them respond to problems thanks to 5G is an integral part of our role as a facilitator!

AVIWEST has tested the 5G!

Orange 5G Lab: comprehensive support
“We specified the use case and then verified that the AVIWEST technical solution on our 5G network met the identified need,” says Fabien Le Clech. “We carried out testings in the Orange 5G Lab and then directly in a large-scale sports environment used to receiving fans. The objective was multiple: checking if the 5G coverage was optimal, that the entire technical chain was working properly from the camera to the server, and that the photographers could easily carry the small AVIWEST boxes… To foresee, anticipate, adjust so that the experimentation would be as easy to use and functional for the photographers.”
AVIWEST’s solution in 5G
Thanks to the compact and easily transportable AVIWEST “AIR 5G” box, professional photographers can instantly transmit their photos to a dedicated server. In practice, no more Ethernet cable and hard-to-find network plugs, each camera is connected to the AVIWEST box via WiFi. The AVIWEST box connected to 5G can upload many high-definition photos in a few seconds. A simple click on the “push” button of the camera can bring up about thirty 10 Mb photos in less than 2 minutes. This way, the images are publishable and ready to be broadcasted in real-time.

Use case 2

Facilitate exchanges between teams dedicated to the organization of events, regardless of the distance between them

Initially, the Vokkero audio communication solution from VOGO allows the creation of local tactical “bubbles” (up to 1.2 km) in which people can exchange in radio frequency on the free 870 MHz frequency band. This is a practical solution locally but limited in range, especially when a supervisor is located at a distance from his teams, usually in one of the control rooms of a venue. “5G can solve this problem by allowing the supervisor to converse with his teams even if they are deployed in the field in remote radio communication “bubbles.” The 5G network creates a “backbone” connecting Vokkero gateways between the supervisor and his teams. Thus, even if the teams deployed in the field are several hundred meters away from the supervisor’s station, everyone can communicate with great fluidity. This is a major change and a real benefit that allows VOGO to consider expanding into new markets that were previously inaccessible.” A real adaptation challenge since the Vokkero system was not initially designed to work on a wide-area network like 5G!

We carried out an initial experiment with VOGO at the Orange 5G Lab in Châtillon. This allowed us to identify certain technical barriers that VOGO could remove to take advantage of the 5G network and deport the position of a supervisor. It’s important to test this use case now on 5G, because its future version with the “slicing” feature (virtual cutting of the network) will make it possible to guarantee the quality of these “critical” audio communications for event organizers, especially in stadiums where the fans will massively use the 5G network,” concludes Fabien Le Clech.


Real-time transmission of professional photos, and audio communication between tactical radio communication “bubbles” and a 5G supervision station… Two innovations, tested and developed within the Orange 5G Lab, will change interactions and jobs in sports and event venues.

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