BLEU SOLID – 5G audio synch to play music together, remotely

When it comes to new use cases, 5G connectivity can really bring people closer together. We get to be side by side, even remotely. One perfect example is NuCorder. French start-up Bleu Solid designed this new app that allows musicians to play together or to give private lessons from a distance. At Orange 5G Lab, we were able to see everything that our new network can offer to synchronized audio streamlines, to play in harmony.

Bleu Solid was born in 2013. Along with Studio Sainte Marthe, they designed NuCorder, an app that gives music bands a chance to play together remotely, online, as if they were in the same room.

It is crucial to have a minimal response time for the artists to be as synched as possible. That is why 5G reactivity makes for essential support to such a service. All you need is an Internet-connected computer and a USB sound card to pick up the instrument.

You can already enjoy this service with optical fiber, but we have led a series of tests at Orange 5G Lab to find out how far it goes with a mobile 5G network and its low latency.

Live showcase at Orange Gardens

Head of Bleu Solid Jean-Noel Helal and his team paid Orange 5G Lab a first visit to set up the solution with Orange experts, both on the client end and on the server front. Orange 5G Lab helped them connect the two sides and ‘wire’ them to our 5G experimental network.

NuCorder’s market launch is coming soon. Until then, it is stil in testing. After two work sessions at Orange 5G Lab Châtillon, Bleu Solid returned a third time to give it a go with a live rehearsal.

Jean-Noel Helal is actually a guitarist himself and he gave us a real showcase at Orange Gardens. He was joined virtually by a drummer in a Paris studio and a bass player who was at home. Once all three were logged into the app, the band jammed away. Blues and rock scores resonated without hitting a wrong note, as if the trio was in one single space.

Next step: Bleu Solid intends to further design its app and to integrate its solution with a unit that’ll connect both a 5G smartphone and a music instrument.

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