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Smart city

How will 5G make our cities even smarter?


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Since the early 2000s, it’s said that one of two people on earth lives in a city. Cities serve as hubs, always more attractive to human activities. With that in mind, public authorities must find a way to make these urban areas more adaptive and functioning. The urban development initiative “Smart Cities” aims at improving the quality of life in the cities through new technologies, and relying on an ecosystem of products and services. Improving citizens’ mobility and making our cities greener have become priority objectives, and to get there, deployment of 5G might play a crucial role. With the help of our experts and start-ups, together we will explore 5G’s promise for the cities of tomorrow.​


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Stéphanie Cavaillès

Directrice Insights & Promotion de l’Innovation, Orange

Carlos Moreno

Co-Founder & Scientific Director “Entrepreneurship, Territory,

Bertand Serp

Vice président en charge de la transition digitale à Toulouse

Carlos Cunha

Délégué Général de Cap Digital

Vincent Talon

Co-fondateur de TwinswHeel

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