Events: 5G to revolutionize the experience of spectators, professionals, and media

Venues bring together a large number of people in one place per se. In addition to security, connectivity is also a priority. A large number of people means a rapidly saturated mobile network. As for temporary venues, which are on the rise, they require the implementation of momentary connectivity. However, whether temporary or permanent, connectivity must combine robustness and reliability, high speed, and low latency to meet the needs of the control rooms, the speakers, and the people attending the events. Until the arrival of 5G, this equation imposed a lengthy and costly technical implementation for organizers. Thanks to the 5G mobile network, organizers can now push back the boundaries of live events and increase the experience of their spectators quickly and at a lower cost.

Thanks to its high speed, autonomous connection, and low latency, 5G will help fans live an enriched, immersive, and personalized sports experience through innovations, connected objects, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR). The data to which 5G gives access through smartphones, connected glasses, or VR and AR headsets deeply transforms the spectators’ sports experience. Everyone is free to watch a match from the angle of their choice, zoom in on a player, relive an action in slow motion, and access player statistics in real-time. All of this increases emotions tenfold and gives sports fans the feeling of being an actor in the game!

The media are not left out! They will no longer face the numerous technical constraints of broadcasting during matches, concerts, events, shows, live, or broadcasts. They will be able to improve access to live and high-quality information by the general public. How so? Thanks to the speed of 5G SA, which will be up to 10 times faster than 4G and will make it possible to receive or send vast volumes of data (photos or HD videos) in near real-time from anywhere. The same applies to event organizers who, thanks to the autonomy, high speed, and reliability of 5G, can communicate seamlessly with their team even when they are far from the supervision console and scattered around the event site. High-performance connectivity also paves the way for connected objects that enrich, secure, and improve the visitor experience: access control, doors, RFID wristbands, PoS, payment and cashless terminals, capacity measurement, localization, remote surveillance, etc.

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