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Test and experiment

your products and services in 5G

You want to test your use case in 5G but you can’t come to one of our 5G Lab? The 5G Lab team can adapt and offer you a solution to carry out a remote 5G test according to your needs. Follow the route!

  • Contact your Orange sales representative or directly via the contact form to qualify your 5G use case
  • Define with the Orange 5G Lab team the technical setup of the 5G test to be performed
  • Depending on your needs, send our team your equipment (terminals, application, server, etc.) required for the test or receive our 5G equipment (terminals, SIM cards, etc.) to test your use case on the commercial 5G network deployed by Orange France
  • Participate in an interactive remote 5G test session with our experts and anticipate the future of your products and services with 5G

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