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Tuesday May 10, 2021 from 2:30 PM

E-health: what will change with 5G

5G will eventually deliver speeds 10 times higher than those of 4G and amplify data volumes as a result. For the healthcare sector, this will accelerate several use cases that are already emerging today (telemedicine, tele-expertise, remote training and multidisciplinary meetings, etc.), by enabling secure exchanges of high-definition content (MRIs, scans, etc.). For patients and healthcare professionals alike, this will ensure a smoother experience and earlier diagnosis.

Tested at the University Hospital in Rennes and offering a latency divided by a factor of 10, 5G will facilitate diagnosis and patient management directly in the ambulance, while also transforming the operating room, where 5G will allow for remote-assisted operations and eliminate cumbersome wiring and cables.

The Orange 5G Lab in Rennes, which opened its doors in early June, is hosting companies that are innovating in the healthcare sector. Come and discover these companies and imagine the projects you would like to develop with 5G thanks to our speakers and webinar live from Rennes.