5G and Edge Computing are revolutionizing all sectors

Edge Computing

5G and Edge Computing are revolutionizing all sectors


the webinar

In environments with 5G coverage, Edge Computing will finally be able to deploy its full potential and offer new uses. In this webinar, we will see that this will be the case in many sectors of activity, and particularly in the industrial sector, which will be able to improve the productivity of its production lines and accelerate the automation of processes thanks to computer vision solutions. These solutions, which use video with artificial intelligence, require low latencies for quality control or predictive maintenance actions for example.


around Edge Computing

Stéphanie Cavaillès

Director of Insights & Innovation Promotion, Orange

Patrick Lancelot

Director of Anticipation, Orange

Akram Ben Halima

Chief Executive Director, Aquilae

Cyrille Waguet

Co-founder and CTO of incontext.technology (INCTEC)

Guillaume Chabas

Director of Innovation and Partnerships, Head of 5G Lab Orange

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