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What can 5G do in the Field of Education and Training?


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In the context of a global health crisis, we’ve seen remote schooling, virtual classrooms, individualized training, simulation tools and so on become the new norm. Education has had to find new solutions in record time.

And 5G is about to take this transformation one step further, with immersive content, virtual reality, digitalized campuses and augmented video… 5G is already making its mark. Teaching and instructing infrastructures should anticipate this and include it in their digital strategy.What are the new 5G uses and their benefits? Learn all about it in this webinar.We rely on start-ups that have gone through Orange 5G Lab and other education and training organizations as experts to help you see clearly. Together, we can better foresee the assets 5G can represent and you might just want to move forward with Orange.


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Stéphanie Cavaillès

Directrice Insights & Promotion de l’Innovation, Orange

Rémy Challe

Directeur général EdTech France

Stéphane Barbati

CEO & co-founder of Kalyzée

Nicolas Dupain

Président de France Immersive Learning

Elisabeth Fonteix

Head of Learning and Development at Orange Group

Alain Goudey

Directeur de la Transformation Digitale à NEOMA Business School

Jean-Pierre Berthet

Directeur délégué au numérique à Sciences Po

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