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Where you can think, experiment and bring future

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What Orange 5G Lab is all about

If you ask us, the best way to design the future is to give it a go.
Orange 5G Lab will provide a relevant answer, wether your expectations focus on learning about, testing with or innovating thanks to 5G.
Our experts will stand by your side to help you realize your 5G projects.

Make way for exploration !

Meet with our Experts To Fully Grasp the 5G Technology

You probably have questions. You might even have blueprints that could benefit from 5G and need molding. It only takes a few clicks to contact Orange 5G Lab experts. Together, you can clear it all out and design innovative projects.

Enjoy A Cutting-Edge Environment

Picture this: you have a service prototype. Or even a product that already works under Wi-Fi or 4G. Say you can have a more powerful network, greater fluidity and lower latency. In your wildest dreams, how far do you take your project? At Orange 5G Lab we can work together to find out.

Turn Words into Actions With your own Products and Services

When every millisecond counts, high speed and low latency make a critical difference. Testing your product at Orange 5G Lab helps you pave the way to the next level: try, develop, be seen.

Orange 5G Lab webinars

5G is a technological leap forward. It is a promise that many innovations will bloom and create value in all of society’s sectors. Learn how it could in turn help you transform your business models and solutions.

Orange 5G Lab Projects

Orange 5G Lab and its partners are shaping the world of tomorrow. We are here to support our collaborators and to help them develop new pragmatic use cases with 5G networks.

Vogo’s video broadcasting service moves to 5G stadiums

Vogo has been around since 2013. But it relied on wifi. And as a live multiplex video service for sports games, this was limiting. To figure out how their offer could evolve with a 5G connection, Vogo teams came to Orange 5G Lab. They got to experiment with our network of the future.

Tikaway headed towards an enriched user experience in the 5G era

A product that is already on the market can always swing by Orange 5G Lab to be improved and develop new features. That is what happened with a remote technical support platform called Tikaway. Initially structured under 4G, this form of video-assistance benefits from 5G in terms of fluidity, latency and accuracy.


what about you?

5G News

New Orange 5G Lab Webinar
5G is coming to education and training.
Follow our webinar to learn how to take this into account in your digital strategy, how you can use it and benefit from it.

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Orange 5G Challenge with Issy-les-Moulineaux town hall
Come try out your town-centered products and services. Focus on use cases specific to city problematics and rely on Orange’s 5G network to test in situation.

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6 start-up accélèrent sur la 5G avec Orange Fab
Réalité augmentée et virtuelle, outil de formation collaboratif tout-en-un, éclairage intelligent, etc.
Découvrez les solutions proposées par les 6 start-ups lauréates de la saison 1 du programme d’accélération 5G d’Orange Fab.

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Orange organized 3 innovative demonstrations relying on 5G during the 2020 Roland Garros tournament

– Visitors had an enriched experience thanks to a large choice of viewing angles offered on their smartphone

– 5G interviews aired live with very low latency

– 360° videos were filmed and broadcast in 5G