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5G Private Networks

What are the promises
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Faced with new challenges to remain competitive, the transmission and exploitation of an ever increasing amount of data is a major asset. Private 5G brings all the necessary security and connectivity of tools and applications to achieve better productivity and profitability of your sites.

Indeed, the characteristics of a private 5G network are suitable for most of your uses and needs: tailored coverage, performance adapted to critical production uses: high throughputs, low and stable latencies, prioritization of critical applications, security of data and people, service level commitments.


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Stéphanie Cavaillès

Director of Insights & Innovation Promotion, Orange

Agnès Wolff

Director of Mobile Private Networks, Orange Business Services

Pierre Roth

Director of Digitalization at Butachimie

Arnaud Techer

Private Wireless Campus Sale Manager France at Nokia

Lilian Gaichies

COO at Streamwide

Thomas Hervieu

Representative delegate, AGURRE

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