Nomadeec : 5G to revolutionize mobile telemedicine’s future

In a remarkably short time, Nomadeec has emerged as the leading telemedicine platform, serving emergency medicine and university hospitals. Trusted by 25% of SAMUs (Emergency Medical Services) in France and a vast number of healthcare professionals in the field, Nomadeec facilitates the swift exchange of critical patient information between emergency and regulating doctors. This seamless process allows paramedics and emergency physicians to efficiently record a patient’s vital parameters and instantly transmit them to the SAMU. However, ensuring a robust and reliable connection remains essential. Recognizing the potential of 5G in achieving uninterrupted connectivity, Nomadeec collaborated with Orange 5G Lab in Bordeaux to embark on innovative experiments with this cutting-edge technology.

Nomadeec experimented with 5G

Line of business
Emergency telemedicine, Teleconsultation and Tele-expertise
A telemedicine platform designed for all healthcare professionals. It can be used on a tablet to centralize all patient information right from the start of the treatment, and regardless of location. This information can then be used to follow the patient through the emergency medical journey. Each healthcare professional can access the file on the platform and contribute to improve and accelerate the care provided.
The Company’s Requirements
High-performance, secure, and responsive connectivity, enabling the near-real-time transfer of information from emergency doctors or ambulance drivers to healthcare professionals responsible for continuing patient care. An autonomous, unlimited mobile network, effectively utilizing new technologies. Connected solutions or objects whose (healthcare) data will in future be ever more detailed, complete and relevant, but also more data-hungry at the time of transfer.
Benefits of 5G
Low latency
High throughput
Network stability and robustness to avoid any risk of interruption or data loss
Connection autonomy (no need to connect to a local fixed network)

5G: The ultimate connectivity solution!

“Exelus, the publisher and editor of Nomadeec, has introduced groundbreaking connected solutions for healthcare professionals. Nomadeec’s platform effectively integrates telemedicine into ambulances and care facilities like EHPAD or CHU. During the experimental phase at the Orange 5G Lab in Bordeaux, the exceptional value of 5G was particularly evident in Nomadeec’s emergency telemedicine service.”

With the introduction of 5G, emergency physicians can now use an Android tablet with a highly reliable and fast connection to the telemedicine platform.

“With the impressive speed of 5G, healthcare professionals can now enrich each patient’s file with a wealth of additional information, including images, photos, data from measuring equipment, and videos. They will no longer experience the congestion issues of the 4G network in certain locations such as concerts or sporting events. Optimal 5G connectivity will be available in any dense area.”

A complete exploration at Orange 5G Lab in Bordeaux

To achieve this, Orange 5G Lab in Bordeaux loaned an Airbox router with a 5G subscription to Nomadeec so its team could conduct several trials. The team connected tablets equipped with the telemedicine platform to 5G and complementary equipment such as the HoloLens mixed reality headset. A new source of information for healthcare professionals!

This different test enabled Nomadeec to verify the degree of autonomy offered by 5G once integrated into equipment.

“To see the experiment through to the end, we also lent them a 5G tablet so that they could run their application on a medium with integrated 5G, and not just on tablets with equipment enabling connection”,

Telemedicine’s edge: the major advantage of prioritization on 5G network

The collaboration between Orange 5G Lab and Nomadeec extended beyond just providing technical means for testing 5G.

“It involved in-depth discussions about their use cases to identify the true potential of the mobile network in their sector and services, not only for the present but also for the future.”

As a result, Nomadeec gained valuable insights into upcoming developments, including the 5G network prioritization principle. With 5G, they can soon prioritize connection for specific devices and services based on their importance and urgency. This advantage proves invaluable in areas where connection congestion due to many users can be a concern.

Moreover, the Nomadeec team recognized the ease with which platform users can set up virtual consultations, swiftly enabling access to additional medical expertise and catering to imminent healthcare needs.

“This evolution will be possible thanks to 5G’s very high throughput, enabling seamless support for bandwidth-hungry connected objects and facilitating the transfer and download of large volumes of data, all without compromising real-time connectivity.”

Autonomous connectivity inside and outside care facilities

In the context of teleconsultations and tele-expertise, 5G has demonstrated its value in care settings such as EHPAD.

“Within these facilities, platform users utilize Windows tablets, accessing patient files that are enriched with a wealth of data from various devices.”

With the implementation of 5G, these tablets gain autonomy regarding connectivity, eliminating the need to rely on Wifi connections at the point of care.

“This advantage is particularly significant as caregivers in these settings may not be present full time, with nurses visiting periodically,”

Enhanced connectivity anticipating technological evolution

For every Nomadeec user, 5G presents a gateway to enriched files.

“As it stands, videoconferencing is already a viable option, but with the advent of 5G, it could become a seamless and widespread solution facilitated by enhanced connectivity across the board. This technological leap allows files to be enriched with previously unattainable sources, such as photos and detailed incident-related environmental information.”

These advancements hold tremendous potential for a significant improvement in patient care.

5G acts as a gateway to the future of medical equipment, offering high-performance and autonomous connectivity in exchange for essential data.

“Thanks to this experiment, Nomadeec is ready! With 5G, Nomadeec can seamlessly integrate solutions that provide access to richer health information into its platform, making it future-ready. This strategic approach allows the company to stay ahead of the curve, meeting upcoming needs even before they emerge. By embracing this forward-looking vision, Nomadeec and other companies supported by Orange 5G Lab can stay relevant in their market and swiftly adapt to new demands”,