Reinventing the IADYS Cleaning Robot with 5G!

IADYS is among the numerous companies that have ventured into 5G experimentation at an Orange 5G Lab to explore the advantages it offers for their solutions. Encouraged by the positive outcomes of these trials, the startup has recently introduced an upgraded version of its harbor surface waste collection robot. This advanced robot is now seamlessly connected to 5G!

IADYS experimented with 5G!

Line of Business:
Marine environment conservation. ​
Jellyfishbot Expert, a compact robot proficient in retrieving debris and hydrocarbons from thewater’s surface, designed for use in aquatic environments of diverse sizes and challenging accessibility.
The Company’s Needs:​

  • Enhanced remote control precision, even when the robot is beyond the pilot’s line of sight.

  • Swiftly regain control of the robot at any moment.

  • Receive real-time images of the robot's surroundings for quick intervention, such as unhooking orlocating the robot if needed.

Benefits of 5G

  • Almost no latency, ensuring secure robot cleaner control and providing the operator with high-definitionvisuals.

  • Ideal throughput for instant information exchange between the robot and a client server.

  • Reduced risk of interference during the robot’s navigation between boats.

IADYS and Orange 5G Lab: from basic use cases to new features

Through work sessions and experiments held at one of Orange 5G Labs, IADYS refined its understanding of customer requirements and discovered novel use cases enabled by 5G. Moreover, it explored the possibility of integrating 5G technology into its existing Jellyfishbot robot, which is already available on the market.

“When we start working with companies, they typically have aninitial concept of how they intend to leverage 5G,” explains Julien Peraudeau, Project Manager atOrange 5G Lab. “Each trial, however, unveils fresh possibilities and allows us to chart a usage pathprogressively. This involves multiple visits to Orange 5G Lab, resulting in diverse productenhancements. In essence, it’s about discerning how 5G can be seamlessly incorporated into anexisting product and the enhancements it can offer. It also entails collaborating with the company toevaluate the necessary developments for 5G integration. In the case of IADYS, this preparatory work enabled us to ascertain the importance of incorporating a high-quality front camera on the robotboat, a 5G connection module, and waterproof protection… Together, we validated specific usecases and discarded those where 5G had no discernible impact.”

The result speaks for itself: the Jellyfishbot Expert, a novel 5G-connected iteration of the Jellyfishbot, is now available on the market.

Meeting real needs with autonomous, latency-free connectivity

The 5G iteration of the Jellyfishbot comes equipped with a range of features we pinpointed as pivotal for the robot, its functionality, and its user base:

– Data feedback accessible to customers through a Dashboard.
– Automated, self-governing robot control with immediate remote recovery capability.

Example of a Dashboard showcasing the data gathered by the robot, particularly bathymetry data.

These new capabilities open up exciting possibilities that align perfectly with customer needs and expectations. “They result from thorough brainstorming and collaboration between IADYS and the Orange 5G Lab.” In practice, based on the recommendations from Orange 5G Lab, the startup opted for a 5G module that was seamlessly integrated into the chassis of its latest robot, the Jellyfishbot Expert. This robot, connected to an autonomous network with almost no latency and optimal throughput, can be remotely controlled with instant responsiveness and absolute safety. How is it controlled? Through a remote control that now includes an integrated screen. Technically, the Jellyfishbot Expert still features a single camera, but its field of view has been expanded following experiments conducted at Orange 5G Lab. “The goal is to ensure a comprehensive view of the robot’s perspective!”

“The goal is to ensure a comprehensive view of the robot’s perspective!”

An autonomous robot that can be promptly and effortlessly retrieved

With the remarkable speed and minimal latency of 5G technology, users of the Jellyfishbot Expert can access immediate video feedback of their waste collection robot’s surroundings. This feature proves invaluable given the intricate spaces within a port, where a robot may easily find itself entangled. Thanks to the integrated 5G connection within the robot, operators can now pinpoint the
Jellyfishbot Expert’s location and swiftly address any obstructions or issues by simply visualizing the Orange Restricted situation.

“A port is a place full of nooks and crannies where a robot can easily sneak in and get stuck.”

Thanks to the 5G connection directly integrated into the robot, the operator can now identify where the Jellyfishbot Expert is and unjam it by simply visualizing what is blocking it or causing it problems.

"5G ensures the safe reactivation of the robot by enabling control of its environment,without the need to account for specific factors such as the presence of individuals. It can be swiftlyreturned to operational status, resuming its mission smoothly," adds Julien Peraudeau, Orange 5G Lab project manager. "This observation holds for all autonomous drones: a robust 5G connectionfeaturing excellent image quality and minimal latency greatly enhances the security and efficiency ofrobot return-to-service procedures."

4G vs 5G: what are the differences for the Jellyfishbot robot?

According to Julien Peraudeau, while 4G could theoretically offer a similar service, there are notableadvantages to using 5G, particularly in challenging conditions. "With 4G, achieving consistently goodimage quality under varying circumstances, such as adverse weather or high network loads, can bechallenging. However, in critical situations requiring swift and effective action, having immediate andclear visibility of the robot's environment is essential. This capability is precisely what 5G enables!IADYS recognized this advantage, which led to developing a dedicated 5G version of its robot."

"In the initial 5G test phase, we transmitted a low-definition video stream from the robot's frontcamera, accompanied by a map of the 5G coverage in the Vieux Port (Old Port) of Marseille." SilvainLouis, an R&D engineer at IADYS, further explains that "with the assistance of Orange 5G Lab, wewere able to enhance the user experience. We achieved this by enabling the robot to stream high-definition video from its front camera and facilitating remote control via a 5G smartphone. This setupeliminated the need for the user to be near the robot for control purposes."

This marks a significant stride forward for both IADYS and its users. 5G offers a notably superior quality of service compared to 4G. This advancement, in itself, opens doors to a realm of additional service possibilities concerning waste collection and real-time data acquisition.

Once IADYS has confirmed the alignment of these new opportunities with its customers’ requirements, we can continue to explore and provide support to help them fully harness the extensive capabilities of 5G

Meanwhile, Orange is leveraging the commercial launch of the 5G-equipped Jellyfishbot to enhance its own model of the Jellyfishbot. This upgraded version will be showcased to visitors at Orange 5G Lab in a series of exciting demonstrations.

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