VOGO – Vogo’s video broadcasting service moves to 5G stadiums

The company VOGO has been in existence since 2013. However, this real-time video multiplex service was hampered by the limitations of Wi-Fi at sporting events. The good news is that with the arrival of 5G, this problem will simply disappear! To see for themselves how their service can evolve with 5G, the VOGO teams came to the Orange 5G Lab to experience the network of the future.

It’s a classic. You are in the stands, singing or arguing with your neighbour. Your gaze wanders for a moment to the pitch, and that’s when the best move of the match happens. The unmissable goal. The fatal red card. But that was before. Before what? Before VOGO and 5G!

Thanks to your smartphone, VOGO’s solution and the 5G network covering the stadium, you will never miss anything again. From your phone, you can choose to see or review from different cameras and angles every action. So you can be as close as possible to the pitch, the nets or the bench! To achieve this technological feat, VOGO turned to the Orange 5G Lab. Its objective: to collaborate and co-innovate on enriching the functionalities of its multicast service thanks to 5G.

Collaborative adaptation

The Orange 5G Lab and VOGO teams worked together on the architecture of the start-up’s solution, using Orange bricks. The challenge was to adapt the operation of this multicast service by going further than a simple plug-and-play session. Within the Orange 5G Lab, the company was able to access an experimental network to test the 5G throughput and benefit from real support in setting up its server on the Orange Cloud platform. This work took several months, during which the parameters of the solution had to be configured, and therefore several iterations had to be planned to adjust, correct and touch up until satisfaction was obtained!

This support has enabled VOGO to develop a more efficient and sometimes even new offer. The reason is that 5G makes it possible to increase the number of streams offered to spectators, to go upmarket on video encoding and to obtain better resolution. These new capabilities enhance the offer of the Montpellier-based sports technology company: live, instant replay, slow motion, zoom, etc.

Beyond the lab, a life-size test at Roland Garros

VOGO has around 50 employees and is made up of several experts dedicated to the development of solutions and applications. This expertise is enhanced by that of the Orange 5G Lab which, in addition to providing an experimental network and 5G terminals, has provided VOGO with marketing and technical support adapted to its 5G connected solution. A collaboration that is as effective as it is complementary, which has encouraged the duo to test the VOGO solution in a real situation in a stadium.

At the end of September 2020, the start-up was able to conduct a full-scale test at Roland Garros in partnership with Orange, France Télévisions and the French Tennis Federation. A unique opportunity to optimise its solution thanks to feedback from visitors and users.

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