WYCA – Wyca Robotics is experimenting with new uses for its robot thanks to 5G

Autonomous robots can perform complex and straightforward distribution, health, security,
industry, or logistics tasks.Autonomous robots can perform complex and straightforward
distribution, health, security, industry, or logistics tasks. Gone is the idea of robots “replacing
humans”; today’s automata can be real companions and even partners. They will allow one
individualto use his time for more addedvalue actions such as reducing the struggle of a task,
facilitating teams’ work while ensuring their safety, and even compensating the distance
barrier to enjoy a place or an event remotely. The autonomous robot tests carried out by Wyca
Robotics and Orange 5G Lab Toulouse are proof of this!

Wyca Robotics experimented with 5G!

Line of business
Robotics and autonomous vehicles
Use Case
Autonomous indoor robots capable of moving with precision and performing various tasks: warehouse inventory, welcoming the public, remote cultural visits, etc.
Start-up’s needs
To have an instantaneous broadband connection that allows the development of new remote-controlled uses, such as 360° video.
5G Assets
– High, fast, and autonomous throughput without easy to set up and without dependence on a local network – Low latency bringing more security and reactivity in the case of remote control – Possibility of HD and 360° video connection.

Wyca Robotics, an innovative company with ten employees, specializes in the development
of autonomous indoor robots.These vehicles are currently used in industrial workshops,
supermarkets, and warehouses. Thanks to artificial intelligence and many sensors, these
robots can navigate reliably in small environments even in heavy traffic. In search of a new
evolution for its robots, Wyca Robotics turned to the Orange 5G Lab Toulouse experts in May
2021.Objective: To evaluate the potential of new services enabled by 5G, such as realtime
immersive video. A use that cannot be satisfied with the current speed of WiFi and must
compensate for the lack of network still present in some places especially private ones.

An application that allows taking advantage of high definition 360° images in realtime with
very low latency, associated with an autonomous vehicle for an immediate and interactive
immersion reactivity (“teleportation”) in case of incidents, for example.

A realistic 5G experiment placed under the sign of exchange.

Thanks to the Orange 5G Lab facilities and the expertise of its team, the startup was able to
effectively test its system of autonomous robots newly equipped with highresolution 360°
cameras against 5G. But not only. It was also able to project itself! How? By thinking about
new uses capable of meeting the needs and expectations of tomorrow. If the first use
envisioned is the realization of virtual visits in a cultural context to be watched in the below
video other applications are possible!

In the logistics sector, the Wyca Robotics robot could carry out inventories in total autonomy
in warehouses of several thousand square meters or large and mediumsized stores.
On the security side, the autonomous robot could patrol data centers. In the event of an
alert, an external operator could easily take control of the robot to remove any doubt.
Not to forget shuttle robots in the industry where such a robot could transport industrial
parts from one machine to another.

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