5G to lift the barriers to distance learning and skills acquisition

Amid a health crisis, digital technology has proven to be an indispensable tool for transmitting knowledge by facilitating learning and access to information. It has become an essential and powerful pillar for developing inclusion within education. Indeed, digital tools (videos, MOOCs, collaborative platforms, etc.) are on the rise. More and more students are expressing their desire to see educational methods change thanks to remote learning, virtual classrooms, individualized training, simulation tools, etc. Uses and expectations are evolving to favor state-of-the-art teaching and the acquisition of ultra-professional skills at a distance.

Consequently, digital technology is now a competitive advantage for universities and higher education in France. Thanks to the accelerated development of e-learning, educational institutions can offer new ways of learning, collaborating, and innovating. A (r)evolution to which 5G is directly linked! Thanks to its high speed, autonomy, and low latency, the 5G network allows access from anywhere, without the constraint of connection to a local network, to personalized learning content and ever more immersive teaching experiences.

The high bandwidth enabled by 5G and its ability to absorb a growing volume of data – like the amount connected objects usually generate – has made virtual and augmented reality available to teachers and students. Students can learn complex business processes safely and practically thanks to immersive learning programs via virtual reality headsets. They can learn effectively and at their own pace thanks to role-playing situations where mistakes have no consequences. With 5G, immersion in virtual or augmented reality and interactions are as fluid as real life. This fluidity allows visiting any kind of facility (company, laboratory, factory, workshop, etc.) and interacting remotely and instantaneously. This is a significant step forward in Education and bringing companies and training institutions closer together.

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