5G to drive performance in the industry

Connected objects like robots are increasingly present in the industry sector. As an extension of the human being, they free him from non-value-added or tedious tasks, save time, increase efficiency and safety, and improve the maintenance of infrastructures and equipment.

5G substantially accelerates robotic deployment and customization in the industry sector through its complete independence of connectivity from a local network, its high and fast throughput, and its low latency. High performances allow operators to secure their robots’ takeover and program a fleet of robots in real-time. But also to collect a large amount of data in real-time, enabling the widespread use of new applications: autonomous vehicles, real-time remote inventory management, predictive maintenance of specific production units, virtual twins, etc.

5G is the common ground for many developments in the industry:

  • Coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G enables machines to learn and become increasingly efficient and accurate.
  • Combined with Cloud or Edge computing, 5G helps manufacturers to better exploit their data by enabling instantaneous transmission. It promotes ultra-precise production monitoring, remote machine control, and better management of resources and incidents using connected sensors.
  • Combined with a virtual twin platform, 5G enables industrial production to be optimized and performance to be improved thanks to a digital graphical representation.

Industrial robots, augmented technicians, intelligent guided cars, drones, etc. Thanks to 5G, the industrial sector is taking a new turn! The use of autonomous forklifts and augmented reality (among other things) is directly influencing the way manufacturers will be able to design and maintain factories in the future.

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